ISAR is a charity set up to promote best education and clinical practice in the field of auricular reconstruction. To that end the executive committee intend to make two annual awards of 1,000 euros to support the promotion of best clinical practice in the field of auricular reconstruction or surgery for microtia and atresia internationally.


Francoise Firmin Travel Award


The awards are open to any full ISAR member or supported senior trainee/colleague to support an international educational or clinical visit. Examples of visits which maybe supported include:

  1. Educational visits to countries or regions where ear reconstruction is not widely available to promote best practice in auricular reconstruction.
  2. Educational visits aimed at providing the visitor with experience in auricular reconstruction which they can implement and utilise in their own country.

Selection Criteria

Preference will be given to surgeons visiting areas of health care need where auricular reconstruction is inadequately provided or surgeons coming from such countries who wish to develop and promote such services in their own healthcare system and country.

Awards maybe used by the recipient to fund travel costs, accommodation costs or consumables associated with the visit. The visit should take place within 12 months of the award. If that does not happen an extension maybe granted in exceptional circumstances e.g. the visit was delayed due to natural disaster or war in the proposed country of visit.

Expenditure should be evidenced by submission of receipts to the ISAR. Fund will be released upon receipt of evidence of expenditure.